Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back to freelance developer in Toronto

In my job as contract web developer here in Toronto: I get about 100 - 150 emails a day. Some, from potential clients other's from previous web development clients. There are a few, however - that ask the same questions. Over and over - With that in mind, I have put my tutorial hat on again.

Just before the holidays, I uploaded a new video on YouTube - a Dolphin 7 Tutorial entitled: How to install Dolphin 7.

Dolphin (by Boonex) is an amazing piece of coding genius. I have been working on the Dolphin platform for about 4 versions - wow... Soon I will be the oldest (web site) freelancer in Toronto.  At any rate, Dolphin is a great 'starting point' for an online community. What I mean is: no one wants a 'cookie cutter' community, but building your own online community is a common trend with current web business entrepreneurs and webmasters.

With Dolphin you have all of the core function you could ever need - regardless of web site niche. I encourage you to check out the Dolphin 7 install tutorial and let me know if I can answer any questions about the software or the install.

I am always looking for ideas for more tutorials: So keep those questions coming in. I reply to mails mostly in the morning with my cuppa!

While I am the Dolphin topic: I highly recommend some research into both your chosen niche and online communities in general. 

Take a look at this great title. This will answer some questions, you don't even know you'll need the answer too: if that makes sense...?

Check it out anyway.

I wont leave it so long between posts: got a little busy with freelance work and neglected my blogging duties. 

See you soon 

PS: I do know this is alot like my previous post - about the (Boonex) Dolphin Tutorial Videos I posted on YouTube. You will also notice, I use my job description alot in the blog text: A freelance web developer in Toronto. 

I was reading a great article (blog) about creating backlinks for your web site: It talks about ways to use blogger blogging to increase backlinks. In this post, I am testing their concept.