Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Web Design is only the surface

I am often asked the difference between a web developer and a web designer.

A designer is someone who's primary focus is the style of your web site. Whereas a web developer's role is to make the web site interactive. To make your web site, online business or web-enabled application accept and delivery information dynamically.

Getting a web site designed is the simplest component of any web application.

The Daniel Solution works with several web designers, but our main freelance development focus is on creating the backend functionality that makes your web site worth your customers time to return to it time and time again. It is the PHP, ASP, dot NET or other server-side application that produces your online store.

Working with a freelancer to complete your online presence or web application project is the most cost-efficient way to deliver the who what where why of your business to your market-niche.

Most, if not all web applications are made up of many technologies. This means you would, in most cases need to understand the underlying technological requirements of every feature in your web site, or web application.

What is the best way to put all of these technologies together to deliver your features?

Hire a group of freelancers who work together under the direction of an experienced development specialist.

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