Friday, July 31, 2009

Dolphin (Boonex) MOD

For about three years, I have been working with the Dolphin platform. A Boonex product.

I have created several Dolphin MODS for free as well as available for sale. The favorite is the dolphin MOD that allows community members to customize their profile.

The application uses Ajax and PHP to change the colors, text sizes and backgrounds in real time. Most dolphin webmasters tell me it is one of the most often-used feature. A biased opnion of it... WOW, very cool. Not sure why the big-guy social networks haven't picked up on that area. MySpace used to allow CSS style sheets, altho a pain to create without a 3rd party tool. Not sure they have that profile customization tool any more, havent logged into my profile in close to a year - lol

With the new version 7 of Dolphin, I will need to create an update for the Profile Customizer. If you happen to be fluent in Ajax and would like to take on this project, get in touch.

With work beginning on the Patient Management application now in full swing, I am not sure when I will be able to get started on upgrading my Dolphin MODS.

Speaking of the Patient Management application, I am still looking for another freelancer to work with on the project - be sure to get in touch asap.

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