Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dolphin webmasters, worst of the breed!

Freelancing means dealing with 'know-it-all' "webmasters" - in most cases it's the 'weekend-webmaster'. The worst of the breed!

This past weekend, a holiday weekend here in Toronto, I took 2 days off - the Sunday and the Monday. I don't get too many days off in my business, which I guess is a good thing, means I am a busy freelancer.

When I returned to my desk Tuesday morning, I was met with angry emails from a MOD sale, the profile customizer for Dolphin MOD.

Why do these people, who spend on average $120 on mod with me, why do they feel they own me. Where do they get off threatening me with PayPal chargebacks, just because I took a couple of days off - especially when its a HOLIDAY WEEKEND???

I just dont understand these dolphin webmasters - drive a guy nuts! Needless to say, he will not be getting a refund, and his threats of negative feedback, may make there way to the Dolphin community. Frankly - I couldnt care less! More power to him and all the other weekend webmasters before him that resort to threats when I am not immediately available for their emails.

Just had to vent, figured - where better than the blog?

Webmasters should realize that geeks have lives and families too - that we deserve a day or two off from time to time, especially considering the long nights and weekends we usually work for them. For pennies I might add. Perhaps I will change my pricing back to the industry standard - then I might not be so upset over threats resulting from a simple two-day holiday with my family.

Since I rarely take time off -- I wont run into this again for a while, but for gosh sakes! Give a guy a break. A day off from time to time is not that much to ask. Is it?

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