Saturday, August 8, 2009

Automatic Login after Dolphin Join

Many of the dolphin sites I have been involved with, as a freelancer, have requested that the visitor be automatically logged in after they join.

Here is the simple changes needed to log the new member in, automatically after they complete the Dolphin join form.

Open :: /join.php

Find ::

echo _t( '_Join complete' );
echo '
echo _t( $sStatusText );

Just above it paste the following:::

// automatically log the user in after join process
$sql = " SELECT * FROM Profiles WHERE `ID` = '".$iMemID."'";
$new_info = db_res( $sql );
$the_user = mysql_fetch_assoc( $new_info );
setcookie( "memberID", $the_user['ID'], 0, '/' );
setcookie( "memberPassword", $the_user['Password'], 0, '/' );
// end auto login

This will log them into the Dolphin community without requesting username and password.

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