Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dolphin Version 7

Had some time today, in wait for a client to deliver some required material.

So... I jumped into the latest version of Dolphin, version 7. Altho I love the interface and the new features - it seems they managed to steal much of the 'Modules' ideas from us developers.

Sure these items are a great part of the core dolphin community application, but isn't using them going to step on the toes of developers who have supported this open source community site?

At any rate - it is extremely well put together and the Boonex team deserves some cudos for this app - well done, my friends!

My initial thoughts on Dolphin version 7 - " WOW! "

I will be spending most of the day, seeing what it takes to replace their 'Profile Customizer' function with mine. I have already had a number of requests to do this and am sure I will continue to get more.

It seems they still use the same basic profile view function, but some changes are needed in the genProfileCSS() function, as well as in the update function. Depending on what is involved, I am hoping to make it a free upgrade for owners of the customizer MOD for dolphin.

I will let you know :)


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