Friday, August 14, 2009

Dolphin version 7 (Remove Boonex Footer)

UPDATED:: February 21, 2011
Thanks to GLCNATION.COM -- the files had changed... this post now reflects the working version to remove Boonex Footers

First of all: I do not condone, or encourage the use of the following tip. I provide it only to avoid answering the question 1,000 times.

The following steps will remove the Boonex footers from Dolphin 7.

Step One: Run the following MySQL (using phpMyAdmin)

UPDATE `sys_options` SET `VALUE` = '' WHERE CONVERT( `sys_options`.`Name` USING utf8 ) = 'sys_template_cache_enable' LIMIT 1 ;

UPDATE `sys_options` SET `VALUE` = '' WHERE CONVERT( `sys_options`.`Name` USING utf8 ) = 'sys_template_cache_css_enable' LIMIT 1 ;
Step Two: Open /templates/tmpl_uni/_sub_footer.html


Replace with:

<style type="text/css">


div.main_footer_block {

visibility: hidden;





<span style="visibility:hidden; height:0px;"> __boonex_footers__ </span>

Step Three: Delete the contents of the following 2 directories.
Refresh your home page to ensure removal of the Boonex links on your dolphin community.

Again: I cannot stress enough, supporting Boonex by purchasing a license is the only way to ensure future development. Support open source software and pay for the removal of the dolphin copyright at the bottom of your site!


  1. I want to stress - do not remove the boonex footer, without paying for your license. It is thru that license purchase (which automatically will remove the boonex copyright) that the development of Dolphin can continue. Support open source application developers by purchasing your license to remove boonex links.

  2. ALTERNATE::: Clear the cache from the admin panel (dashboard) instead of removing the contents of the folders mentioned in the article.

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  4. Updated the process to remove the boonex footers --- they changed a bit since I made this post -- the fix now works - tested.


    1. This nolonger works for 7.0.9. The _sub_footer.html has been moved and no longer contains __boonex_footers__. It uses injections now. Is there any way around this. we do intend in buying a licence, however I need approval from the client prior to licence purchase and they do not want to see the boonex links.
      I have made mods to remove logo and reduce size on my page but it seems to refresh itself and overwrite what I have done.