Thursday, August 6, 2009

Adding a page to Dolphin Site.

I have been asked many times "How do I add a new page to my Dolphin Community Site?"

Other than using the Page Builder, in your admin area - which has some limitations, there is another simple way to add a page to your site.

First: Open /faq.php and save it as something new (like detailed_info.php)

Then look for the following code.

function PageCompPageMainCode()
global $oTemplConfig;

$ret = _t( "_FAQ_INFO" );

return DesignBoxContent(_t( "_FAQ_H1", $site['title'] ), $ret, $oTemplConfig -> PageCompThird_db_num );

Notice the line -> $ret = _t( "_FAQ_INFO" );
<- this tells the dolphin script to get that key from the language table.

Now change the _FAQ_H1 to _MORE_INFO (or anything else you'd like to use, and resave the file.

Go into your dolphin admin area, click on language settings, then Add New and enter the key ( _MORE_INFO (or whatever you named it) and enter the value for each language your site has available.

Done. Now just link to that file, by adding a link to the navigation menu, or anywhere.

Just a quick post and simple instructions, I know - but let me know if you need any further description on how to add a page to your Dolphin web site.



  1. I should have mentioned: The key MUST have an underscore in front of it and NO spaces.


    Hope that helps.


  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    Any pages I try to create in the page builder disappear into infinity, never to be seen again so now I can at least create a page that is visible.
    My question is, how do I change the content of the new page? It still doesn't work with the page builder if I create a page with the same name as the one I made from the FAQ copy.